H2Blend Mission.

To make the finest quality beverages by blending the most functional, natural ingredients with the most delicious flavors.


H2Blend. We don’t blend in.

Well, wait. We do blend in some amazing ingredients into our blends. What we mean is we don’t blend in with the other drinks out there. We don’t blend in on the shelf. Actually we aren’t even on the shelf. That’s how much we don’t blend in. You can only get an H2Blend right here on this site. (Click here to grab some now if you’re tired of reading this.) OK, back to blending. We don’t blend in because we blend in ingredients that no one else blends in. You see other drinks out there blending Nano infused CBD (Hemp derived), Sage, Osha Root and English Ivy in one drink? No, you don’t. We know because we checked before making our blends.

We made H2Blend because we wanted a delicious drink that we could drink all day and would do some amazing stuff for us. Like helping us feel relaxed, reduce inflammation, improve respiration, fight bacteria and basically make us feel really good. That’s why we made H2Blends. Cause we couldn’t find it anywhere else. And you won’t find it anywhere else either. Other than right here on this site. Blend here.